Invalidation of Marriage

If the partner, to whom the initiating document has been served lives in the same country the court will announce a hearing date within 42 days of the filing. On the other hand, if the respondent lives abroad the date will be set at least after 56 days from the application.

The family court provides a readymade service kit which explains how to fill up the form. Ideally it’s advisable to take the opinion of Family Lawyers before attempting for marriage nullity.

Response to the initiating application

There is a form by the above mentioned name which needs to be filled by the person named in the initiating application. The form will be used either to oppose the order or request the court to refresh the order.

The response form must be filled 7 days before the date mentioned in the document of initiation. The response form also needs an attached affidavit stating that the initiating application has been received and the details of the response.

Nullity Of Marriage

The affidavit will contain all necessary reasons and facts pertaining to the nullity of marriage. The form will also contain all details of the kind of ceremony performed and the location where the ceremony was performed.

Remember, that the validity of these represented facts will be checked in the court. Nowadays these applications can be filed through the electronic portal of the Commonwealth Court. This system is quite convenient and you can also check out the various e-user guides to filling Initiating applications electronically.

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