Important Measures to Keep in Mind When Storing Valuable Items in Storage Facility

Are you going into a holiday or a business trip abroad? Then one important thing that you should do is to keep your belongings at home safe. This is what Self storage Adelaide is all about. You can store items like furniture, electronic equipments, china, recreational vehicles etc. But before bringing your items to a storage facility, keep in mind the following:

Cleaning the electronic equipment

Equipment like a refrigerator should be thoroughly cleaned with warm soap, water and then dried completely before being moved to the self storage facility. If you select marks made by the toucher then you will have to add a small quantity of bleach to destroy germ deposits which may have formed. If you want your fridge to retain its freshness then you can add some drops of vanilla essence. This will help your refrigerator retain a nice aroma when you access it after many months.

Make sure that all the water from washing machines and dishwashers should be drained out. This includes all attached cords and pipes. In fact, you should put all extra cords and pipes in the relevant machine to make sure that the furniture removalists do not misplace them.

What not to store?

There are some items which you should never put into self storage facilities. Usually the categories of these items are defined by the storage management authorities, but here are a few pointers for your own understanding. Any kind of perishable organic item like food, plant and animal extracts etc should never be put into the storage system. You shouldn’t store any item which is explosive or flammable in nature as this will pose a security risk for the entire storage facility that you are using.


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