How to Make the Perfect Coffee?

After tea, coffee remains the top beverage of choice for millions around the world. The art of making the perfect cuppa has also come a long way. You can wish goodbye to drinking those bland watery or burnt cups of coffee and just need to drop in at your local espresso bar or the cafe down the street for your caffeine fix as a cuppa costs around $2.50-$3.00 but the expenses coast if you can’t see through the day without downing at least three cuppas. So just dust your old cafetiere and buy a package of freshly grounded coffee beans and get going for your daily caffeine fix. You can buy them online, just go to

The cafetiere or the coffee pot

At the outset let it be mentioned without mincing any words that if you want really want to savour your coffee you’d need a standard piece of equipment that can bring out the aroma of coffee beans.

Espresso filters can make good espressos but just that. If you’re content with endless cups of espressos day in and day out, then an espresso machine will be fine. But if your preferences are more eclectic than you should look for equipment with a porcelain filter for enjoying your espressos, lattes and all. A cafetiere can do a good job as well.

Your coffee beans

Go for packs containing freshly roasted coffee beans and to get the most out of your bundle use them within a month of your purchase when the freshness is still intact. Buy the pack size that’ll be just enough to last a month.

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