How to Clean A Carpet

Carpet is one of the most common things you see in the house. This is because it is one of the most attractive decorations that you can put in your home. Also, a carpet gives the ambiance of the house a cozy feeling. Carpets are also good for houses which have babies in it because carpets are thick and soft so you would not have to worry about the babies when they are playing. They will surely be safe if they fall or trip. Carpets also come in different design so if you want to have a carpet, you can choose whatever design you want because you will surely have a lot of choices.

Carpets can be seen all over the house. Even in the comfort rooms. It can be used to keep the comfort room dry and clean. But one thing you need to know about carpets is that these should be cleaned at least once a week. Cleaning a carpet is quite a hassle since it is heavy and you can’t just use a broom stick to clean it. You will need some tools to clean it. One of these tools is the vacuum cleaner.


A vacuum cleaner is very important, especially if you own have a lot of carpets in your house. Carpets need this to clean that is in the deep part of the carpet. Carpets are fury so cleaning it will not be as easy as cleaning a tiled floor. Before vacuuming the carpet, you need to empty the vacuum box to make sure that you will not be leaving dirt as you move. Vacuuming a carpet should be done thoroughly, especially if it is a white colored carpet. This is to make sure that when you apply detergent to it, it will not be smudged by dirt which originally came from the carpet since it was properly vacuumed.

After vacuuming the carpet, the next you should do is to get a detergent powder, mix it in the water properly and apply it to the carpet. Use a cloth to wipe the solution to the carpet to make it damp. Leave it for at five minutes and then get your carpet brush to brush away the stains in the carpet. Do this to the whole carpet so that it will really be cleaned. Repeat the process if necessary. Most especially if there are stubborn stains that can’t be removed by just one brushing.

After doing that, use some old clothes or cloths to cover the carpet for it not to be dirty again and to soak out the excess water present in it. Then get a clean water to replace the solution in the carpet. Use a carpet brush to brush away the soap solution in the carpet with the use of clean water and after, let it dry. It will dry quickly with open windows or with the use of electric fans. Make sure that you have removed all the soap in the carpet because the detergent left will pick soil very quickly.

Vacuum the carpet again to make sure that there is no dirt particles left and you can now use it again. Contact the Carpet cleaning Brisbane should you want it to clean professionally.


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