How to choose signage ?

The first thing that will draw customers to your store is the signage displaying the name of the restaurant. It is very important that the sign board makes a good impression on the potential customer and is effective enough to direct him or her inside. A good sign board should be able to withstand all kinds of weather conditions. It should also be able to stand the test of time. Advanced technology has made available a wide variety of signage.


3-D Letter Signs

Letters in three dimensions can be made from high density polystyrene, a foam-like material. The foam is available in sheets of varying thicknesses. The sheet is covered with a water proof resinous material and is then painted with a smooth or matte finish.

Letters are cut out from the sheet and stuck to the sign board with a strong adhesive. The letters stand out, as they are three dimensional. If you conduct your business in the day time, you may have unlit letters. These are quite affordable. Read on How to Start a Restaurant.

Imaginative Signage Sunshine Coast designers coat the foam with cut glass, tiny mosaic tiles and sometimes even semi precious stones. If your store is open late into the evenings, you need to arrange for the signs to be lit up.

Vinyl Signs

Vinyl signage are made from a polymer called vinyl. Quality vinyl signs are very durable. In addition, they are very bright and attract the attention of people at a good distance from the shop.

They are appropriate for special events like “sales” or “discounts”. You could have a few of these designed for occasional use during the events and put them away when not in use. They may be used inside the store too indicating the items on sale.

Car wraps are a-must-try marketing tool. This can be seen by a larger range of people as compared to immobile signages.