How To Choose A Caravan Storage Facility

There will be a time when you can’t use your caravan like during winter season because with all the snow, it is impossible for you to travel and also, if you are on a month vacation. During times like these, you can’t just leave your vehicle everywhere or even in your home if no one will be left to watch it. Your home will be better left alone with a surveillance camera or a home alarm than having your caravan park inside an open garage. It will just be a trigger for burglars to invade your place. Know that sometimes, burglars can invade security cameras like they are already experts in this. So, the best way to use after the winter season or after your vacation is to leave it in a caravan storage facility where there is a 24/7 security guard who can really watch it.

But since there are already many caravan storage facilities around, you should first check properly if that caravan storage facility can indeed take care of your vehicle. If you need tips in choosing one, here are some effective tips:


– The topmost tip that you can follow is to make sure that the facility is licensed and also insured. This way, if ever things will not happen as you expect them to be like something happened to your vehicle, there are entities that can assist you to file complaints against the said caravan storage facility. Thus don’t consider caravan storage facilities without these documents.

– When that is already established, then you should start checking the facility itself. Since the topmost reason why you are leaving your vehicle behind that facility is for security reasons, then make sure that the facility is indeed equipped with all the security accessories that are needed for them to take care of the vehicles that are left behind. Aside from the 24/7 security guard, they should have CCTVs with electronic gate or if it is not electronic, then at least it is with big padlocks. That way, thieves will not be able to easily access your vehicle.

– But burglars and thieves are not the only threats for your vehicles to be safe. Pests can get into your vehicle as well and to ensure that there are no such creatures around, check if the place is clean. There should be no pests running around like rodents and many others.

– And lastly, it would be best if the place is well lit even in those far corners. In such a way, if by chance a thief will be able to get in like posing as a customer, he will be easily seen if he will mess around with the parked vehicles.

Yes, leaving your vehicle in a caravan storage facility is indeed a better option to ensure that it is still in good condition when you get back. However, the kind of caravan storage facility will also matter thus be sue to really check it before leaving your caravan.

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