How To Buy Aboriginal Art

Indigenous people in Australia are the ones to create Aboriginal art. This art includes many works, from painting on leaves, wood and rocks carving, sculpting to sand painting and ceremonial clothing. The design, no matter if it is carved or painted on clothes, it has a secret meaning behind it, such as a story. This art is closely related to rituals or religious ceremonies and it is a cultural tradition.

How to buy Aboriginal art?

Here is some information on how to buy Aboriginal art:

1. Gain some knowledge – before you decide to go out and buy Aboriginal again some background knowledge about this art, how it is made, and what it means and so on. It will facilitate your purchase decision. It will also help you make up your mind faster.

2. Find the thing you love most – there are many forms of this art. Before you decide you want to buy something, go through all of the forms and decide if you would like a painting on your living room wall or if you would want a rock inside your garden. Find a style that suits you, the one that inspires you the most and then buy it.

3. Find the story behind it – you might love the style of the Aboriginal art, but you should also find the story behind it. Can you relate to the story? Art is not something you buy only because it looks good on your wall or something, but because you can see a story when you look at it. If you can’t find the meaning, create yourself one. What does this painting, rock sculpture or anything that you buy inspire you?

4. Look for artists – like any other form of art, Aboriginal art also has its own artists, those people who solemnly do this thing and only this one. If you found some paintings of an artist which you loved, look if his art is exposed in big galleries, where he sells his stuff and for how much. A small warning here: Aboriginal art is pretty expensive. Therefore, having more options at hand is quite useful. Buying directly from the artist might get you a huge discount than buying from a gallery.

5. Certificate of authenticity – ask the seller if the art you just bought comes with an Authenticity Certificate. This certificate attests that the painting or the sculpture you just bought is not some fake second-hand painting. In Aboriginal art go special materials, yet if you are not familiar with this form of art you might end up with a fake in your hands. Leaving you with a fake piece of art for which you paid a huge amount of money. Always check for a certificate of authenticity.

Here is the list of tips on how to buy Aboriginal art, specially made so you will not have to deal with fake art.