How To Arrive And Leave In Style With Vintage Wedding Cars?

Any couple who are going to get married will see to it that everything that their wedding encompasses is well-planned. You will not only be focused on the wedding reception, entourage, foods etc., as choosing a wedding car is also essential. Although in this day and age most wedding events use modern cars, couples will make this event more special with vintage wedding cars. These cars are more stylish and definitely out of the ordinary. If you are going to use them for this special event, you can be sure that all eyes will be on you. However, you need to know the steps and the process of hiring vintage wedding cars Melbourne so your special day will go as planned.

Some Important Points To Make Classic Car Rental Hassle Free

There are plenty of vintage wedding cars for you to choose from such as Roll’s Royce, Mustang, Cadillac and many others. You must also take note that the car of your choice should give you value for money or you will not be able to achieve the style you really want.

  • Check the car’s space. Do not just focus on the car’s exterior as you also have to give utmost importance to its interior. See to it that there is enough space for wedding gown as it can be layers and layers of fabrics. You will run the risk of tearing the gown apart if there is insufficient space to hold it.

  • Go into details. Aside from the model, you should also check the car’s availability, model and other extras. Make sure that you have also looked into the contracts and legal documentation. If you agreed upon a specific term, make sure that it is written so you can also protect your rights and that of the company’s.

  • Take note of the replacement policy. Before you agree to this policy, make sure that you have thoroughly understood it. You can encounter serious problems that may deter you from using one of the vintage wedding cars if you do not know what the policy really means.

  • Excellent customer experience is a must. Although you will only be dealing a few hours with the car hire company’s staff, it still matters how they treat you because in the event there will be a problem with the car, you can easily approach them for replacements and other concrete resolutions. Friendly and knowledgeable staff will give you assurance that your wedding will go based on what you have planned.


Wedding photographers should be preset during this event to capture every moment of your special day!