How Photo Booth Hire Services had evolved

Surprisingly it is quite noticeable if you are to compare the difference of how the old Photo Booth Hire Services were offered then and how the digital age had changed them.

Vintage Photo Booth Hire Services was first seen years back, research had shown fist appearance dates back to early year of the 1900’s, the years was 1925, in Broadway to be exact. Back then, all it takes was twenty-five (25) cents to take eight (8) pictures in this very bulky machine but only fits two people inside the booth.

Other known characteristics of Vintage Photo Booth Hire Services are:

  • These vintage very bulky machines use films, thus requires solutions to develop the films
  • Produces the eight (8) pictures for twenty-five (25) cents in thirty (30) seconds to three (3) minutes
  • In average, produces a photo size that is one and a half by eight inches, offered either in colored or in black & white
  • Reproduction of photos is not possible since the photos taken are developed using solutions to develop the films

From the old bulky machine that uses films to the modern era that uses digital equipment, came the release of the now improved digital Photo Booth Hire Services that offers improved experience. New Photo Booth Hire Services covers portability, faster production, multiple picture effects can be added given the digital approach, and digital cameras use wide angle lenses that can cover multiple people in a wide space that can be ten (10) square feet, and can be produced multiple times and wider variety of photo sizes.

Other noticeable characteristics of the Modern Photo Booth Hire Services are:

  • Multiple shots of either colored or black & white can be produced in less than a minute
  • Can produce shots in many photo sizes with the wider range of photo papers available
  • Limitless reproduction of shots, no limit on printing
  • Customized logos, backgrounds, borders and other effects

The advancement of technology brought by the digital age had given more enhanced experience in taking memories such as those captured by these booth services. Leaving a much more remarkable experience and memories from the exact event to the guest, may it be families, may they by friends, may these be partners. No wonder these photo booth hire Melbourne Services are quite in demand nowadays and such makes the prices and offers to be competitive and more exciting.