Hotel Amenities Ideas

Hotels are comfortable and safe places where you can relax and be treated as a king. However, when your guests choose a hotel there’s just one question that arise in their mind and that is what can this hotel do better than the others? In simple words, every guest expects all the standard amenities that he or she is used to.

These amenities are an in-room telephone, a clean bed with enough space for two guests or larger, bathroom with shower, fresh towels, a closet to hang your clothes and a television. Lasting hotels know that providing hotel amenities supplies to their customers is a sure shot way of retaining loyalty and hence being in business for long.

Hotels choose the best coffee beans for their customers as most of them love drinking coffee.

Custom Stationery

Placing custom stationery in every room is a wonderful idea. This way you are not just making the customer feel special during his stay but if the stationery is really nice in its design, color and feel then the customer may carry the stationery back home.

These then work as amazing memory anchors which may bring the customer back to the hotel for another stay. Making stationery a part of the hotel amenities supplies is pretty rare but it’s not expensive as compared to other amenities.

Free Internet Access

Everybody loves to be online. It could be from checking a simple mail to downloading a couple of movies. Providing free internet access to your customers will ensure that your customer stays indoors for as long as he needs to be connected. In the process your customer may end up making other purchases from your hotel thus increasing your revenue.

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