Hiring a Qualified Plumber


Plumbers Sydney come into your homes to take care of leaks and faucets that have gone wary. That might not sound like much but a leak can easily cause thousands of dollars I water damage, on the wooden floors or the dry walls. This can disrupt your home for weeks and if you were going to remodel, it adds an additional cost to the whole price. As soon as you realize that you have a leak then it is time to call a plumber that is if you don’t have the necessary tools or knowledge to fix the current problem. There are two types of plumbers – the family plumber and the remodelling plumber.

Family plumber

This type of plumber comes in handy when you want everyday drips and clogs to be fixed in the house. If you can’t fix the problem yourself then it means calling the professional family plumber who will come to sort out the issue. Plumbing is not as difficult as many people think but it does require a lot of knowledge. The kind of knowledge that plumbers should be aware of are: code requirement for the area; experience and knowledge of the materials and tools; how hard to work on PVC before it cracks. Without this knowledge a small problem can turn out to be very costly.

Before you hire a plumber you should check if he or she is licensed to operate and you should call the body that gives out these licenses to see whether there are any complaints about him or her. If the plumber has referees you should call them to check how well they did their work and if they are good people to work with. Any plumber that you choose to work for you should have workers; compensation policy and a minimum of $ 500,000 liability insurance.

It is also important after hiring a plumber that you establish a cordial relationship with them. This comes in handy when you have an emergency that takes place out of business hours like at 9 pm when you need him to come to your house. If you are in good terms it will be easy for him to leave his home to come to your place to fix your problem.

To get good plumbers ask your friends, neighbours and real estate agents for recommendations. Real estate agents have great contacts because if a house has plumbing problems it means that it will take a long time before the house is sold. Hence they need fast and reliable plumbers to work with them.

The Remodelling Plumber

This kind of plumber is for remodelling work on your plumbing. This kind of work is something that you can’t do and you have to rely on a professional to get the job done. The plumber is someone who understands the residential system design and knows the code in your area.

To find a plumber like this one is to ask a general contractor for recommendations. The general contractor knows the value of a good plumber and he knows that if the work is done badly there could be hundreds of thousands worth of damage could be made. A good contractor will also be able to assess the kind of work that has been done whether it is good or bad.