Going back to the ‘country’

Country fashion is a classic hit till date among the old school crowd. Nothing beats the good ol’ leather boots.  Many relate the cowboy boots, hats and the striped clothing to parts of North America, such as Texas. But, in fact, Australia also has its share of country folks, in the outback Australia. The Outback, or the bush as it is also called, are remote areas, not connected with the urban society. The hot weather there called for a different type of clothing and RM Williams, a native of the outback, made it to top contenders in making those. One can now find RM Williams online merchandise in every nook and cranny of the web.


Photo Credit : www.brw.com.au

This region is the dwelling of the aboriginals. Farming and mining are the main occupation of the bushmen, as the natives are also called by this name. The outback has a very sparse population, so much so that there are no schools built in those areas as of till now. The reason being a very little or almost no school age population. The School of the Air, a correspondence education method is used to educate these areas. From, the remote areas of Australia, came the man RM, Reginald Murray. The official RM Williams online shop shows a little intro on how the brand expanded. It was his home, the iron shed behind it.

RM took his name from his father. He wandered across the desert as a gold miner and lime burner. To survive the harsh conditions, he learnt bush trade from the aborigines. He found it hard to travel with his boots, and made a new pair of boots for himself in his father’s shed. People became interested in his boots, and started asking him to make one of those. This was the humble beginnings and now there are many outlets on the internet, so that the foreign crowd can also shop  RM Williams online.

And apart from boots, the brand is also famed for its clothing, both men and women, Saddlecloths and riding gear. Many brands have followed the RM’s way, but the store still retains it’s numero one spot. One can help but notice the unique and simple designing of the clothing, which provides a breeze of fresh air in the dessert. A long and elaborate process goes into the making of each boot. Each one of them is made over a week and is specially hand stitched. The quality speaks for itself among the people.

There are specially designed boots that can withstand any hardship from the hot and humid to the harsh snow. You just need to check the www.blowesclothing.com.au.