Furniture Upholstery Fabrics

When it comes to choosing furniture upholstery for your home, it is always better to choose durable and easy maintenance fabrics. Heavy materials usually get dirty faster and take more effort to maintain.

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Rayon upholstery

Rayon upholstery is a popular choice among home owners because it adds to the design element of every home. However, Rayon as a fabric is pretty tough to maintain. The fabric is made from wood chips which may ensure maximum durability on one hand.

On the other hand however, if the fabric ever gets damp or is exposed to too much sunlight it might fade, get damaged or tear faster. Furthermore, in order to clean Rayon you will have to send it to the dry cleaners because it cannot be washed with water. In the larger scheme of things it may therefore be better to choose another kind of fabric.

Wool based upholstery

Wool based upholstery is a common choice among home owners because of its long life. Wool is generally tough and is considered to be one of the strongest types of upholstery or fabric. However, wool based furniture upholstery comes with its share of disadvantages too. Besides attracting moths, wool based upholstery gets spoilt faster if exposed to light.

Even if you choose to use wool furniture upholstery and decide to keep your furniture in a shaded area as a result, by doing so you will be attracting a fair share of moths to your woollen upholstery anyway.

Furthermore, wool gets dirty easily and takes extremely long to clean. Not only do stains take longer to fade on woollen furniture, the upholstery will take longer to dry if washed in water. As a result, every time you need to clean your woollen furniture upholstery you will have to get it dry cleaned only.

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