Fun Casino Night for Charity

There are plenty of casinos in Australia which lease themselves out for fun casino nights for charity events of these kinds. If you look up in the internet, you will come across dozens of casinos close by which you can hire for organising charity fundraising nights.

However, these fun casino nights do not encourage real gambling. The guests have to use funny money doled out by the casino guys and there is no question of any actual gambling involving hard cash.

When the guests purchase tickets to enter the casino, they are also given chips or tokens (included in the ticket price) that they can use at the gaming tables. If any guest wants to play further and acquire more tokens or chips, he or she can purchase chips or tokens all through the night.

To spice up the casino night, you can also organise tournaments (poker tournaments) and periodic prizes – such as prizes for winning the maximum amount of funny money, prizes for losing the maximum money, a prize for the first guest to lose money or a high roller prize.

Another way to collect substantial amounts of money during your casino night is to organise a silent auction. Local businesses are often ready to offer donations for charity casino nights if you advertise their businesses prominently inside the venue.

If the donations are small, you can create a gift basket out of several different donations and auction it to raise money for the charity. However, the main income for the charity fundraising is generated through ticket sales and through the sale of food and drinks.