Foolproof Video Production Tips for Beginners

You have a very interesting topic in mind and you have a good camera to shoot a video. You think you are ready, but you do not have any experience in video production. How do you make a video that can effectively get your idea across the audience? If you are a beginner, here are a few tips that can help make your first video production project a success:

1. Avoid too much zoom.

The most common mistakes beginners commit on their first video production task is too much zooming and panning. If you feel the urge to zoom in on your subject, think whether it really is necessary to get a close-up look of your subject. Here’s a secret: Spielberg and Hitchcock made films without touching the zoom button even once.

2. Invest in a tripod.

A shaky camera will never make your video production a success. You might have seen some professionally made videos with shaky effects, but this should never be used on the majority of the time. Using a good tripod will make the video look smooth and stable.

3. Keep over scans in mind.

You have to make sure that no heads are cut off when you are doing your video production. Allow some headroom that is just enough to make the video look good on a TV set or a computer monitor. Be careful not to overdo it or you will end up with a subject that will look too small.

4. Know how to shoot an interview.

If your video production project involves someone being interviewed, let the interviewer sit next to the camera and tell your interviewee to look at the interviewer instead of the camera. Take shots that show both of the interviewee’s eyes, but zoom out slowly from time to time to make sure that the interviewer is also included in the video.

5. Get the right lighting kit.

A lighting kit for a video production should have at least three lights: a key light, a fill light, and a back light. Perfect lighting can make a video shot with a poor camcorder look presentable.


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