Floor Stripping Solutions

Wars or natural Calamities strip off all the floors be they cemented, metallic, wooden and tiled etc. They do not require any floor machine, stripping solutions to eventually finish their task. We aren’t here to take those problems in our hands. Well let’s talk about actual floor stripping.

The first step towards creating a glossy and protective layer that keeps your floor eye-catching and free from scratches and stains is floor stripping which removes the worn and dirty layer. The second step is applying wax and quality texture to the floor. Floor stripping is not a wearisome task as it seems. It is though tiring as you have to move all your furniture, racks, other stuff outside and then you start stripping.


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Once all the stuff has been shifted outside sweep or vacuum cleaners the floor thoroughly to remove all dust. Then the stripping solution is applied on the floor. Make sure to cover not only the floor tiles but also the sideways which are generally left during the process. Every corner of the area should have cover. The area after applying the stripping solution is left for 10-15 minutes. Inside the room should have the right ventilation as the solution releases toxic fumes. After waiting for that time the floor machine is used to take the wax off the floor. The floor stripping involves a series of repetitive process of applying stripping solution and then using floor machine so as to completely rip off all the build up dirt, wax etc. It also depends on the condition, age and quality of the floor.

Parallel to this scrapping off the wax from the corners and the sideways and detailed cleaning is done. After stripping and detailed cleaning a dry cloth is used to soak the dirty solution and pick up the remains of dirt and the wax that had come out of the floor. For tough areas the process can be repeated several times with scrubbing. Rinse the floor with the clean water and let it dry. When stripping is complete monitor the area for well removal of all the stains for like 5 minutes.

Some things to be kept in mind are like having knowledge of the floors. The solutions used to strip off stone floors are different. The Equipment to be used should always be clean. Never Work on a wide area. Divide the area into smaller segments if the area is large. Work on one area at a time. Always allow solution to dwell properly before stripping. Never forget to wear safety clothing which includes hand gloves, goggles, and non-slippery shoes. Use caution in floor stripping. Some stripping agents contain punitive chemicals that are not only harmful to breathe in, but will also harm the surfaces you are trying to clean and protect.