FAQs about Faucet Repair Answered 

Leaking faucets do a lot more than cause inconvenience; they waste one of natures’ most precious resources “water”. Evidence says that the seemingly harmless leaking faucet in your bathroom can waste about 15 gallons of water every day. It’s important to know about the basic facts of leaking faucets so that you can get them repaired soon by calling expert plumbing supplies.

Major causes of leaking faucets 

There are several causes of leaking faucets and not all of them will require the same kind of repair. Your leaking faucet may be because of a worn out washer or a few loose nuts. In this scenario it’s easy to call up a plumbing service provider and get the washer replaced or tighten the nuts.

In case the washer is of a wrong size or improperly installed an expert plumber with adequate experience can easily fix the problem. Another major reason of leakage could be build up of sediment or worn out O rings. It’s important that you should be able to identify the basic causes of the leakage so that you can explain the problem properly to your plumber.

Why do compression faucets leak? 

Generally a rubber washer seals the valve seat of the compression faucet. As discussed earlier in this case you need to get the washer replaced. The washer lies under the handle cap and is overhung by a packing nut. It’s held in place with a screw and is firmly encased is under the stem.

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