Facilities and Services Provided by Medical Centres

A Medical centre is the place people to should visit if there are any medical emergencies or necessary medical check-ups. In the mean time, here are some of these amnesties commonly shared by a majority of medical centres.

Emergency Room

No medical centre exists without an emergency room. The emergency room is for patients in situations that require immediate medical action such as injuries sustained in a crime, major accidents, seizures, heart attacks, and so on. Emergency rooms are fitted with the needed equipment to deal with various medical scenarios as well as made up of a team of nurses and doctors that will help keep the patient’s condition stable until a doctor who is professional in that specific field can take over and make the patient recover faster.


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Operation Room

The operation room is another facility in a medical center which often comes hand-in-hand with the emergency room. The operation room is a place where surgical procedures are performed is equipped with the tools necessary to execute these said procedures. Patients who have been checked in the emergency room and have decided that the patient require and emergency operation to save the patient’s life, will be automatically wheeled in this room with a surgeon on duty to perform the emergency operation. Otherwise, patients who have been seeing a medical professional regarding their conditions will be scheduled to have an operation instead.


Another important department of a medical centre is the laboratory. Here, medical technicians work and analyze specimen from patients and use different methods to study these samples such as a complete blood count, urinalysis, gram stain and pap smears just to name a few. The importance of the laboratory and the analysis of a patient’s test is to give out a more thorough check of the patient which will be beneficial as the doctor will find out what’s causing the patient’s ailment and give the right medicine to treat it.

Doctor’s Clinic

In a medical centre, there are specific parts of the building dedicated to a doctor’s clinic. These are often divided into floors or areas with each space dedicated to a specific field such as paediatrics, dermatology, general surgery and others. Of course, there will be more than one doctor under a medical specialty so patients can choose whichever doctor they wish to see. The presence of a doctor’s clinic completes a medical centre.