Essential Aspects of a Kitchen

Nowadays, first time homebuyers are more involved when it comes to designing each and every room in their house. Instead of entrusting the entire layout and design project to a home designer or an architect, you’d find the owner sharing his ideas and specifying his preferences. And it usually starts with the kitchen space.

These days one would come across umpteen home designers who can befuddle you with their ideas on kitchen designs such as installing glass kitchen splash backs.

But a kitchen, no matter how ultramodern and visually appealing, should serve its basic purpose i.e. let you cook your meals with ease and efficiency. So if you’re overseeing your kitchen design in your new home, you should keep the following key aspects in mind.

Accessibility and flexibility

Space is at a premium nowadays and if you happen to buy your home in an urban agglomeration then the problem of space crunch can be felt more acutely. Therefore you’d want to utilise the available space in the most optimum manner.

Most people lead busy lives and can’t afford to spend too much time in the kitchen. They’d also prefer to shorten the running time between the drawing room and the kitchen. Most kitchen designs for flats and condominiums promote the concept where a kitchen directly opens out to the living room. See

If you go for a layout for your kitchen renovation where there will be a direct link between the kitchen and the drawing room, then the island or space in between can be utilised as well. The vestibule can serve as an impromptu breakfast or supper enclosure.

Having an open kitchen plan means you can communicate with your guests and family members without having to shout to be heard. So no matter how you design other areas in your home, keep an open and flexible kitchen design blueprint.

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