Specific Elements of an Effective Corporate Video Production


When properly done, business videos are very effective ways of bringing in new clients and keeping happy the existing customers. It is also effective in sending just any message to anybody. They key is proper preparation and flawless execution.

Message – List down the message and call to action that you intend to convey to the customers. Write all the main benefits that the customers will derive from following your suggestions (e.g. buying your products, services, etc.) and integrate it in the video. Make sure that the video ends with a call to action like; “Dial now!”

Distribution – The method of getting the video in front of the customers’ screens should be planned ahead of time. Will it be presented during group presentations, as an email attachment, or on the company website? The method of distribution will determine the most appropriate type of video to be made. If the video is about a product launch, a marketing a campaign or anything that would be of interest to a large segment of the public, getting the press involved would be a good idea. Write good press releases and email it to the newspapers, radios and TV channels.

Technique – Check the best videos done by other companies and those presented by your biggest competitors. Ask yourself if it worthwhile duplicating the method or creating a hybrid.  The best videos were effective and swallowed whole by the intended target. Ask yourself if it is worthwhile reinventing the wheel or just use it.

Content– Make sure that every word, every motion and everything in every frame of the video will be relevant and vital in conveying the message. A corporate video production is short unlike a 2 hour full length movie where unrelated but funny lines may be inserted to add flavor to the video. Make every detail in every frame count. You may write a detailed script and consult pros in refining it or you may get the pros to do it and simply come in to help them finalize the product.

Editing – If the corporate video production is a 2 minute video, edit it down to 45 seconds to a minute. Short videos are direct to the point and better appreciated than long time consuming productions. Get consultants to help on this aspect.

A Corporate video production is well appreciated by the customers if done well and straight to the point. However, it is very important that the clients get to see the video. Otherwise, the video will only be preaching to the choir and an empty church.

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