DIY Car Detailing

Our cars are very important to us and when we want to have it serviced, we surely would want to hire the best mobile car detailing service in Melbourne. There are also times when we can’t just trust our cars to t other people so we just choose to do it by ourselves. It is because our cars are one of our most valuable items and we can’t just afford to let it be handled by some newbie who are not yet established since they might not be able to reach our expectations or worse, they might just cause harm to our cars. Like for example in car detailing, we want it to have a very clean detail and a superb finish. We do not want a messy work be done on our cars. So if you want to detail your car on your own, here are some guide tips in doing so.

1. Detail first the car’s interior.

The interior of the car is one of the elements that would make you feel comfortable to drive your car so it is just a must that you detail it first than the rest plus it has a lot of things to cover so better do it first. Remove the mats and all the seat coverings of your cars. Start by vacuuming the mats and the coverings of the car. Start vacuuming from top to the bottom so that all the accumulated dust will be sucked up by the vacuum. Then clean the carpet of the car and all the upholstery by applying cleaning foam on it to remove all the stains and dirt that have been stuck up on it. If there are holes on your carpet or upholstery, better repair them as well since you are already doing a car detailing service on your car. Might as well you also fix everything that should be fixed. After it, wash all the rubber mats of your car to remove those dusts and any other dirt that have been on it for quite some time. Do this to give a better feel and look of your car. Also clean the car’s air vent with a detailing brush to remove all the dusts inside it. For you to also have a clean air that comes out from it.

2. Do the exterior of the car.

After finishing all the work in the interior of your car, the next thing that you should do is to detail the exterior of your car. Start by washing the entire car with water. After doing so, apply and clean the car with an all purpose cleanser to be able to remove all the stains and dirt that is on the exterior of the car. Brush away all the dirt on the car’s wheel and take away that grease so that when you run your car again, you will be able to run it smoothly. Do this by using wheel degreaser. Also wash the wires with wire cleaners for the dusts to be removed. After all the cleaning is done, rinse the entire car with water again.