Dinosaur Theme Party Tips

Gone are the days of bland old parties. Theme parties are all the rage currently and most kids prefer theme birthday parties that bring to life their favourite cartoon characters. If you are aiming for a themed birthday party for your child who will be turning two years old next month, but want to explore a new theme that hasn’t already been done to death, a dinosaur theme party might be the ideal solution.

And don’t worry about decorations and party supplies because dinosaur party supplies and decoration items are sold by the dozens in all party supply shops.

Dinosaur Party Ideas

There are a whole lot of dinosaur themed games and activities that will keep the party moving and the little guests busy. You can try out fun games such as ‘follow the footsteps’ or ‘dino dig’ or ‘colour me dinosaur puzzle’ or ‘dinosaur tail limbo’.

Screaming and crying kids will settle down comfortably if you provide them with dinosaur themed colouring books and crayons. Or you can surprise the kids with dinosaur eggs. Or you can treat the kids to a dinosaur movie or video appropriate for a PG audience.

The best part is that the dinosaur themed party supplies are very cheap and affordable and the tableware, serving ware and cutlery are all fully disposable. So you are spared the horror of cleaning up all the mess and washing dishes after the party is over. Just pick up all the used, dirty items, throw in the trashcan and you are done.