Different Types of Splashbacks

If your interior designer is innovative and has a good taste, he can come up with really spectacular effects. He can choose from a wide range and put together an eye catching array of stone, glass, tiles and other splash backs. For instance, the subtle shades of stone can complement sparkling tinted glass.

Splash backs are an absolute necessity to keep your kitchen clean and to reduce your work in the kitchen. With so many varieties to choose from, you can transform your kitchen into an interesting and a truly inspiring place.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is a modern concept among splash backs. It is very durable and heat resistant and is the ideal choice for installation behind the stove. Unfortunately finger prints and smudges tend to show up very easily. Cleaning is a vigorous job.


Stone is an uncommon splash back material. It makes the kitchen look elegant, but is more suitable for old houses. A wide range of textured stones are available. They are certainly an expensive option.


This is very new to the market and is a wonder splash back material. Being an acrylic polymer, it is light, tough and cost effective. It is heat resistant too.  Installation is easy and so is cleaning the surface. The wall area can be fitted with a single layer of zenolite.