Different Types of Splashback

Splashbacks are quite popular since they are needed in your kitchen or in any wet areas. Splashbacks has many benefits; you can clean your kitchen wall easier, because they serve as a protection in your wall for they are made to collect the splashes of food, the oil, water or any kind of debris, and to prevent them from staining your wall and to prevent them to get onto your walls which would give you a hard time cleaning.

Splashbacks can add beauty to your house; you can choose what type of Splashback you want for your kitchen.

A Splashback can be made from glass; this is perfect if your walls are usually exposed to the heat, you don’t have to worry that it will change color, or it will damage your wall. Glass Splashbacks are popular because they don’t have any grout lines where a mold can occur, you can decide the size of the glass Splashback before installing it to your kitchen wall, you don’t have to use any joins. And because they are seamless, cleaning it would be easy, it makes your kitchen area look more spacious, luxurious and you can save electricity since glass Splashback has a reflective surface, it can add light in your kitchen.

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© www.simplyglasssplashbacks.co.uk

You can use two types of glass splashback in your kitchen, and that is Clear Float or Starphire. Clear float has a color of blue and green to it, it is suitable if the wall of your kitchen has light colors, while for the starphire, this glass splashback is suitable for dark colors, but it is in you if what type of glass splashback you want to put in your kitchen, so it doesn’t really matter.

A tiled Splashback is what most of us use; they are more resistant to chemicals than the natural materials. It comes from different kinds of shapes, colors, sizes and designs, but if you are looking for a specific tile, you can decide the shape, color, design and size of the tile. It protects your kitchen wall, it improves soundproofing, it can also add style in your kitchen and you don’t have to worry about the price because I guarantee you that it is very affordable.The only bad thing about using this type of Splashback is that it takes a lot of time to install this in your kitchen and since a tiled Splashback is not seamless, keeping it clean would be very difficult.

Another kind of Splashback is the Stainless Steel Splashback, it is modern and stylish so it adds style to your house and even if it is exposed to too much heat, you don’t have to worry because it won’t be damaged, it is heat and water resistant, this splashback is durable, practical and it is also easy to clean. The disadvantages of using this splashback is that it can be easily scratched and can be marked easily, so you really need to be careful, and one more thing, this splashback is quite expensive not like the others.

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