Designing custom t shirts – How it can be done

Custom t shirts allow people to design shirts in any possible way using their own designs.  This instills the creativity and uniqueness of the designer. There are certainly a lot of methods of creating a custom t shirt but here are three known techniques of getting your designs printed on a shirt. These methods are often used in businesses that cater to t-shirt printing.


Iron-on Transfers

Iron-on transfers is one way of getting custom t shirts and possibly the easiest. Children can even do this but with parental supervision. An iron-on transfer simply goes like this: a design is made using the computer and is printed on a sheet of transfer paper. Once this is done, the t shirt is laid out on a flat surface with a sheet of cardboard inserted in between. The transfer paper is placed on the t shirt with the design face down. A hot iron is then pressed on the back of the transfer paper and is transferred slowly by moving the iron around the paper. After this, the transfer paper is left to cool and when fully cooled, the transfer paper is slowly lifted to reveal the design.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is yet another method of printing custom t shirts and can be done as an enjoyable hobby by many. Screen printing is done by using a screen that is framed and applied with a photo emulsifying solution. The design is transferred into the mesh by concentrating the printed design onto the prepared mesh. After the successful transfer, the mesh is ready to use. Colors are applied at specific parts of the design and it is then printed on the shirt using a squeegee which is used repeatedly until the design is on shirt. Screen printing is perfect for creating multiple custom t shirts.

Digital T Shirt Printing

Digital T Shirt Printing is a fairly new technique in creating custom t shirts and it works in the exact same manner as printers do.  A design is prepared on the printer and once this is ready, a t shirt is placed in a printer made to print on t shirts. When everything is ready, the printer software is launched and the printing is well underway. Digital t shirt printing will treat the t shirt as a piece of paper and the design is directly transferred into the shirt. This is good for custom t shirts which require less numbers to produce.