Custom-Made Engagement Rings

With a standard engagement ring brought from any of the leading jewellery retailers you can get probably 6 out of 10 characteristics you are looking for in your ring. It’s not possible for you to find the exact ring which you and your fiancée have been lovingly imagining for a long time. This is why with a standard non customised ring you always have to compromise on some or the other count.

With a customised ring you can get the exact cut, clarity, colour and carat you are aiming for. In fact you can draw the exact design you are looking for and you can write down the specifications of the diamond engagement rings you are looking for.

Think beyond diamonds

Though the engagement ring is traditionally made up of diamonds, there are many people who love other precious stones like emeralds, rubies and spheres. If your fiancée is wildly in love with rubies, you can order a ruby engagement ring with or without a slim circle of diamonds encircling it. On the other hand if emeralds make your fiancée sigh with pleasure then you can get her Custom Engagement Rings Sydney made up of a large emerald which may be flanked by diamonds. The point is that engagement rings can be had using any kind of stones and you need not be restricted by traditional notions.

Colour of diamond comes from chemical imperfections inside it. In actuality a diamond is supposed to be pure white but chemicals inside it give it a yellow, pink or blue hue. Pink and blue diamonds are valued much higher than yellow diamonds.