Considerations for Bottle Labels

Designing the Bottle Labels for your business’ products is crucial, especially for those companies who just started, and may just break your company’s future if not done right; this is the main reason that those big companies have shed a lot of time just to formulate and conceptualize the design of their products’ labels.

Here are a few guidelines that you may want to consider should you be on the process of designing your business’ Bottle Labels:


Each product has a specific market. Thus for your product, ask yourself, who is your target market, at the least have a range in terms of age group, or at the least male or female market. This will play a big role in marketing your product. Like that of medicines and supplements, you surely want these people to clearly read and understand what it is they are inducing; thus it is essential that the fonts you use be readable for their ages. Same goes with wines and other beverages, these products needs to have information in Bottle Labels that are readable for your target market, often people of older age.


It is but a given that your products should have your business name, logo, in the Bottle Labels. Branding your product is crucial as consumers often refer to the label should they forget the brand of the product that made them come back for another bottle. Thus explain the need for you to put your business logo at the least in the Bottle Labels of your product or products.



During the design process, you should consider all possible factors that may affect the label from being readable or at the least presentable to the market or consumers. Starting from packaging, to transport, to placement to shelves, such should make you think of all possible options to keep the Bottle Labels in shape.


Bottle Labels tend to peel when exposed to moist or water, thus, you should consider this possibility and for that ensure that the adhesive used will keep it in place from the factory to the shelves in groceries and stores.

All of these are just simple guidelines to keep you in the right track especially if you are one of those who are planning to start a beverage or food business, or any product that may need to use bottles as packaging. It still is best and recommended to do your own research from those businesses that have made a name in the said industry.