Consider the Type Of Vehicle To be Used at Funerals

If you are working in a tight budget then a funeral coach can be a convenient option. A large sized bus shaped coach can accommodate a lot of people and you will probably manage with one or two funeral coaches to accommodate all members who want to participate in the procession. Another popular option is the standard mourning coach like the Chrysler 300C. The Mercedes Benz mourning coach is a more stylish and expensive option. The kind of vehicle you choose for the funeral will inherently depend upon the kind of image you want to project, the budget and the number of people attending the event.

Follow your heart

A funeral is a very private and emotional occasion so you should trust your instincts in terms of choosing the vehicle, writing the eulogy and planning the ceremonies. If the deceased was really into bikes then you can even hire a Harley Davidson fat boy to carry along the casket in great style. The choice ultimately boils down to the kind of image you want to project and your preferences.

Hymns and prayer songs

During the difficult occasion of a funeral many families turn to God through prayers and songs for seeking solace. You can keep a selection of hymns and prayers that will help the bereaved family find strength and courage to face life without the departed. The music selection can be divided into three broad parts i.e. before the service, during the service and after the service. Most people try keeping devotional music during the service and light soulful songs after the completion of the service. There is no fixed rule for music selection as every family will have their individual taste and preferences when it comes to music selection.