Common Types of Glasses Used in Restaurants

The fancier the glassware, the better the impression created in the minds of customers. Good quality glassware comes in a variety of styles, designs and shapes. Know more about the most common types of glasses used in restaurants below.

Short glasses

Short A-lined glasses are a common design, so when a set breaks it is easy to replace. Other unique types of glasses are tougher to maintain and replace when broken. As a restaurant manager, it is important to look into the feasibility and cost of replacing glasses too before buying them.

Flute glasses for juices and wines

Flute glasses can be found in almost every restaurant and form part of the essential hospitality supplies list because they are easy to hold, they are not very expensive and they add an element of class to your serving style.

Tall straight, slightly angled glasses

Not only is it easier to drink from tall glasses, it is easier to hold them too. Furthermore, every client likes to eat large quantities of food or drink large quantities of their favourite beverage when they go to a restaurant or a cafe. It therefore makes sense to serve beverages and drinks in tall, straight lined glasses.

Tall, cone shaped glasses

Whenever you order desert in a restaurant you will probably be served in tall cone shaped glass. These cone shaped glasses are a popular restaurant glass specifically used to serve large scoops of ice cream or sundaes in.

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