Common Problems of Gas Stove Ovens

Ovens play an important role when you prepare your daily meals. An issue with your gas oven can be quite frustrating, and cause a bad day. What’s even worse is when it’s hard to identify what’s wrong with it. For this kind of problem, there are qualified technicians who can perform gas oven repairs quickly. There are many Brisbane gas oven repairs are well-skilled and have the necessary tools to fix your oven instantly.

Let’s analyse some of the common problems that occur in a gas oven. The most common is when the burner won’t turn on. In this case, the burner itself might be broken. So, the technician will need to change the burner completely. Otherwise, he will verify whether the problem is arising from the burner, switch, or receptacle. A weak switch or igniter might be causing the oven not to get hot. In which case it needs to be replaced.

The next common issue is when the oven becomes over-hot even on a low-temperature setting. The main reason for this is a bad switch which needs replacement. A bad switch can also cause the indicator light to stay lit even after the switch is off.

Some ovens can lock themselves with the oven door getting stuck. This happens after a self-cleaning process when there is a misalignment in the self-clean latch or a defect in the oven clock. An oven that does not self-clean is another common problem. This may be due to a malfunctioning oven thermostat. Expert repairmen can easily replace that.

Baking and broiling evenly is an essential feature of an oven. Uneven baking can be caused by burned out baking components.  Sometimes, the oven can fluctuate between temperatures causing bad cooking. When this happens, the oven igniter, temperature sensor or the selector knob needs to be checked and fixed as needed.

The light bulb not glowing inside the oven is also a concern. The technician after looking at it will replace the entire light assembly. He often uses a multimeter to check for its continuity and identify if the problem is in the socket or the bulb itself.

A more rare but threatening problem is when the oven won’t turn off. The problem might be arising from the oven control board, where a short circuit might have occurred, thus, sending continuous voltages to the heating circuit. In this case, either the circuit board must be fixed or replaced completely. These are just the basic issues that could occur in an oven. With so many parts involved in good heating and baking in the oven, do not hesitate to call an expert qualified technician to get the gas oven repairs done effectively.