Common Home Electrical Appliances That Should Always be Tested Before Installation

Test & tag is an important process which should be applied for all electrical appliances used at home. Testing is a process where the devices are checked against various categories, before tagging them as safe. As a small fray or cut can result in electrocution, fire and also death – it is important to ensure safety before using any equipment. Testing is done as per the Australian Standard AS/NZS 3760:2010, by certified professionals.


Refrigerators fall under class I category of devices – those which are earthed (have a metal enclosure between live and exposed wires and use earthing method to achieve neutral power). These appliances are used daily. This is the reason why the connections, handles, plates and every part of the appliance should be tested before installation and using.

Hair dryers

Hair dryers are used over wet hair or for other purposes. They are directly connected to an electric board and used. This makes them vulnerable to leakage of electricity, resulting in shock to the person using it. This is why they need to be tested before finally using them.

Vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are one of the most common appliances which are vulnerable to electrical leakages. While you have professionals coming in to install and demonstrate the use of the vacuum cleaner, make sure there is someone who tests the appliance just to be double sure about the safety.

Face massagers

Any electrical device should undergo the test & tag process to not just ensure safety, but also to enhance the life of the appliance. Face massagers, clippers and similar equipment, which use external power supply should be tested too. The covering/ handles should be able to withstand electric leakages if any.