Choosing a Car Park Shade Sail

Car park shade sails are available in different shapes so that you can pick up just the perfect one to compliment your property. Typical shade shapes include triangle, square or rectangle.

Triangular Shade Sails: These sails are often advertised in magazines and do look quite interesting. However, do remember that triangular shaped car park sails do not offer wide coverage and the sides of your vehicle may remain exposed to the elements.

Rectangular or Square Car Park Shade Sails: This type of sail offers maximum coverage from all sides. However, they can be quite drab to look so you can spice up the look by installing the opposite poles higher than the other two poles. This stylish distortion will make any simple car shade look quite trendy.

Multiple Car Park Sails: This arrangement can make any carport look quite stunning. However, do take care while overlapping the sails as any gap in-between will allow rain to stream through.

Other Considerations

Apart from the shape of the car park sail, there are other considerations to check such as the material and colour. Shade sails are typically made from either water-resistant or water-proof material. Select either keeping in mind ease of managing water run-off. Colourful shade sails can certainly perk up the look of your property and the best thing is that you can select from a mind-boggling range of shades. However, do keep in mind that lighter shades need more maintenance than their darker counterparts and also reflect more heat and sunlight.

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