Choose the Right Window Treatment; Plantation Shutters or Blinds?

If you are not sure what to choose among curtains, blinds and shutters for your windows then this article might help you. Do you want shades, drapes, blinds or shutters? The main factor for your choice should be whether or not you need too much sunlight and whether or not you need privacy or it can be both. The following tips below may help you in your choices.


This window treatment is known to give and offer light and at the same time subtle privacy even when you lowered it. A space in your home such as in the living room does not require too much privacy but it is at least should be lightened. In order to lighten the space, you will need a semisheer window treatment.

Tip. Choose a fabric according to its thickness. The thicker your fabric is, the lesser the amount of light that will pass through it.

Cellular Shades

Bathrooms need much privacy. In this case, you need to have a cellular shade. This is also referred t as bottom-up or top-down shade. This window treatment lets you walk around the place and without allowing anyone to notice it. It is also ideal in letting much sunlight in.

Tip. A great cellular shade should be constructed with a honeycomb design in order to keep the cold out and to let the heat in.


Draperies are ideal for bedrooms which needs light in but also needs privacy. The floor-to-ceiling style of it secures privacy and its fabric still allows light in.

Tip. Draperies can also be installed on a ceiling or wall. It largely depends on your style or need.

Roller Shades

It is an ideal window treatment for your bathrooms, as it will also secure privacy while letting sunlight in.

Tip. In order to reach and manipulate a window treatment at the back of your tubs, hardwire a roller shade. This will help you to easily manipulate it using remote or a control panel.

Blackout curtains

If you have a baby in your house, this window treatment is very ideal and suitable since it would block sunlight from the outside. It gives a black out atmosphere inside.

Tip. In order to achieve complete darkness, install a floor-to-ceiling curtain. It will surely block the light that is coming through.


This window treatment helps you to achieve comfort and design. Plantation shutters are best for its solid panels that blocks the light out while keeping your home still sophisticated. Check some elegant plantation shutters in

Tip. In order to achieve full sophistication, paint your plantation shutters the same color as your walls and watch them disappear through your walls.