Catering Service for Your Wedding

There can be nothing more distasteful at a wedding reception than a repetitive menu. You must select the menu carefully so that a wide range of taste and variety is served to your guests. If you are serving alcohol, the hors d’oeuvres can include peanut sauce with chicken satay, shrimps with ginger sauce, nuggets of beef teriyaki or even a fruit and cheese platter.

If you are organizing a formal sit-down meal, include a variety of light appetizers that will stimulate the taste buds without being too heavy. Appetizers can include French onion soup, freshly made fruit cocktail or even a delicious shrimp cocktail.

Main course can include a baked variety of any local fish, a beef or chicken item (like grilled chicken with mushroom risotto or roast beef sirloin and sweet potato gratin), seasonal vegetables and an assortment of suitable bread.

Keep in mind the season and the theme

Season plays a very important part in the dietary choice of people. You cannot serve just anything without keeping in mind the time of the year of your reception. Most wedding caterers will advise you to serve light refreshing dishes during the scorching heat of the summer months. See wedding caterer Sydney.

Cold soup (like a cold gazpacho soup served with seared scallops), fruit cocktails and sorbet are excellent for the summer months. Similarly, warm hearty dishes work well during the autumn or winter months. No matter what dishes you select, try to include seasonal fruits and vegetables to add a special touch.

Also remember that your menu should be in sync with the theme of your reception party. Traditional dishes don’t merge well with funky weddings while exotic dishes like sushi or sausage and mash look out of place in vintage themes.

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There’s nothing wonderful having memorable pictures in your special day. Taking pictures is one of the enjoyable things to do together with your loved ones and friends.