Benefits of Using New Age Alarm Systems Like DNA Based Systems

Alarm systems are a great benefit in today’s age. Not only do they provide security from trespassers and thieves, they can also be used to cleverly detect fires, and other accidents in the house. Modern day alarms are wired to act as a distress signal that reaches out to the nearest police stations and other emergency services like the fire brigade and paramedics and other rescue personnel. Gone are the days when triggering an alarm meant an ear piercing sound that one hoped the neighbour’s would hear and call the police. Nowadays, security alarm systems are pretty smartly designed and the rescue team is dispatched to your house within minutes.

But as with every technology, there are loopholes. Even the smartest alarm can fail if a clever thief were to figure out how to outsmart it. And if the burglar is a pro, then the few minutes it takes for the rescue team to arrive at the scene are enough for him to clear out with all that he wants. A clever burglar will not leave any traces as well. What with the plethora of crime based television serials doing the rounds, everyone is an amateur detective nowadays and they know pretty well how to cover their traces.

The new DNA based alarm systems that are now in use in Australia provide a hitherto unbeatable method of detection and identification that will help police identify burglars and link them to the crime scene in an undeniable manner.

How does the DNA based alarm system work?

Often, even when the police have a suspect in a burglary they cannot link him to the scene of crime because of a lack of evidence. The DNA based alarm systems are so designed as to provide the police with an irrefutable method of detection that will link the criminal to the crime scene once and for all. The way the DNA based system works is that uses a specific DNA code that is sprayed on to intruders when they break into a home or a facility. This spray solution, known as the “SelectaDNA Intruder Spray solution” is invisible to the naked eye, but can be detected under the glare of a UV torch. It not only sticks to material and clothing but can also remain in the folds of the criminal’s skin even after repeated washes. And since each alarm system has its own specific DNA code, it is virtually impossible to fake the connection and come up with an alibi for the crime.

Though the technology has been in place since 2008, it recently made headlines when McDonald’s Australia decided to use it to secure their outlets. And now this is being used to provide better security to individuals around the country. Not only does the DNA alarm system provide a foolproof method of detection and arrest, it can also be linked to the other security devices in the house like the panic-button to create an enhanced security net around the house or facility.

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