Benefits of LPG Forklifts

Forklifts are huge commercial lift trucks that are used to carry around material in construction and industrial sites. If you are in a business that requires frequent transportation of materials from point to point you must be employing forklifts. If you look at the ever rising figures for fork lifts  it’s easy to understand their popularity. However its important the multiple benefits that come with owning a propane/ LPG forklift if you are running a construction business.

Immune to harsh weather

If your plant or workhouse is in an area which is exposed to bad weather i.e. cold or wet climate or you work with a lot of corrosive applications then the LPG forklift is your best choice. These strong and sturdy trucks are not prone to malfunctions due to bad weather. LPG forklifts provide firm and consistent power in all kinds of weather conditions. In fact these forklifts are said to be the best solution for harsh weather conditions.

Low running costs

Compared to other kinds of forklifts LPG forklifts have very little maintenance costs which is why they are favoured by multi shift operators. LPG has cheap batteries which do not require highly sophisticated maintenance regimes. It’s easy to meet these requirements in a busy multiple shift 24 hour live schedule.

The initial investment in purchasing the LPG fork lift is at least 50% lower than electric forklifts and most big manufacturers provide attractive loan schemes for purchase. With LPG forklifts purchase price is not a stumbling block for businessmen.

Make sure you hire a lawyer whenever there is a dispute during accidents.