Benefits of Digital TV

Digital TV is the next generation TV that is fast replacing the analog TV signal system. This system gives you a superior audio as well as video experience as compared to the earlier one. All that is required is a TV that supports digital transmission and digital antennas. Digital TV boasts of a number of new features.

Formats and Bandwidth

Digital TV offers you a number of different picture formats that are a combination of quality and aspect ratio. This ensures that you can choose the format that best fits your TV screen. Bandwidth requirement of digital TV is much different than analog TV.

The broadcaster has a lot of options while sending a digitally transmitted signal. Powerful digital qntennas  can receive the broadcast very easily and transmit it to the next section for proper decoding of signal. This feature of bandwidth allows the broadcaster to provide multiple feeds of totally different TV programming on the same channel.

Better sound and picture quality

This is a major defining factor of digital TV antenna. Latest audio and video mixing, multiplexing, encoding and transmission makes the viewer experience much better than that of analog TV.

With a good HDTV (High Definition TV) and digital antenna installation, you will be able to enjoy the HD experience to the fullest. The format of broadcasting adopted in Australia is DVB-T. Digital antennas are specially designed to receive and transmit this multiplexed signal. Further process is taken care of by the signal processing unit.

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