Becoming a Stripper

    Being a stripper is not an easy job. It is one of the most commonly jobs that all women consider as their last choice. Meaning, if a woman is in an extreme financial problem, they consider it as their last choice of job since it is not totally legal and accepted by the people. Strippers are the dancers in the night clubs that do erotic dances and performing in the front of the crowd mostly to men. If you want to enter this kind of job, you must learn and know everything about it. Here are some of the tips you need to consider.

•    Think of all the consequences.  If you have decided to enter this kind of job, make sure that you are going to be prepared off all the consequences that you might face. Think about the possibility that your family or friends might know about it. Arguments between you and your family can be more possible to happen.

•    Observe. You can try on going to some clubs and observe everything. In this way, you will be able to know and see if thing are doing good and for you to know if you can really do this kind of job.

•    Try to ask. It’s not bad if you try to ask some of the strippers on how they feel about their job. You can ask them if they like what they are doing and at the same time observe if the one that they are saying match with what they act.

•    Don’t get overwhelmed. When you already started working, don’t be too open with your co workers. Even if you feel like they like you or they treat you as a family, don’t rely too much and do not tell too many things. In the other hand, don’t distance yourself from them.

•    Make a move. Learn how to make your own move. If you are really eager to earn lots of money, sitting down at dark won’t help you. Do your best to attract more guys and catch their attentions. The more attentions the more money you can earn.

•    Chat wisely. It is great if you and your costumer have a really good and fun conversation. But be aware of everything that you will say. It is not safe for you to tell something about your life and be careful of giving your personal information. They might be a regular costumer but they are still a stranger.

•    Be determined. Even if you are already used to this kind of job, be determined on saving money for future use or in case you have decided to stop doing this kind of job.

•    Be safe. Being one of the strippers can give you more attention from guys. Some costumers could be eager on having you that might lead them on following you home. Be sure to check around if there’s someone following you and always have your phone in handy in case of emergency.

Similar to other jobs, it needs full dedication and courage to face everything in order to make money. Knowing your limitations will help you and no matter what job it is, it will take a strong heart for you to be able to overcome trials.