What Does It Mean To Be A Gas Fitter?

You might have heard about this profession online, in the newspaper, or through word of mouth. Do you know what gas fitters do? Are they just the same as the plumbers servicing your water related concerns?

Here is a fact: a fitter can also perform jobs related to water supply. However, not all plumbers can perform the job that they do. There are certain tasks that only gas fitters are allowed to perform, due to the risk and the complexity.

It is only necessary that a fitter is the one you will contact if you need assistance regarding issues related to gas. That is why they are also called gas plumbers. Here are the things they specialise on:

Setting up gas pipes

It can be for renovation of either home or business, or improvement of gas supply, or for construction. As long as it is connected with pipes where gas passes, then a fitter is the one you need to contact. They are experts in making sure that passage of gas coming from the source to the distribution or outlets will be done properly and without any risks, problems, or issues.

Installing fixtures

When it comes to the installation of faucets, shower, gas stove igniter and the like, a fitter is the best person to contact. Do not take the risk of contracting someone who is not properly qualified. Although it can be just a simple installation, it still poses a major risk if not performed correctly.

Other than installing fixtures and pipes, a fitter is also the one who you need to contact to fix gas fixtures and pipes. There are instances that they may not be functioning right. That’s why all those appliances being run by gas like stoves, water heater, etc., will be affected.

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