Basics of Time Lapse Photography

Are you one of those photography enthusiasts who are fascinated by time lapse photography? Time lapse photography is indeed one interesting category or genre in photography because of the fact that you can see what happens in the surrounding or in nature by doing it. Most of the time, time lapse photography is done to capture a sequence of an event. For example, you want to know what happens to the sky all throughout the day without having to wait for it the entire day, you use time lapse. Time lapse show you a sequence of event in a much better and beautiful way since you will really see the change in the surrounding.

If you are interested in time lapse photography, here are the basics of it.

  • Ready the time lapse gear essentials.

There are a numerous gears that you will need in order to do time lapse photography. One of this is the tripod. The tripod will be the one who will hold the camera during the shoot of the entire event. Without this, you will surely not be able to take the event successfully because for sure, you will not be able to handle the entire camera without moving a bit or so. Time lapse photography needs a steady support so that the camera will not be moving. This is to make sure that the angle of the photo will be the same for the entire event. Another very important gear used in time lapse photography is the intervalometer. The intervalometer is the heart of the time lapse photography because of the fact that this is what you will use to snap a lot of photos at the same accurate interval. The other very important gear the camera, of course. Without this gear, there is no photography. Just make sure to use a good quality camera for a good quality pictures.

  • Look around.

When you are already in the location of where you want to do your time lapse photography, do not immediately position your camera on the first view you see. Look around first. This is to make sure that you will not be missing out anything or missing out a better view. When you take photo of the very first view you see, tendency is that you will be taking a photo of the view that has been taken by everybody else. See the in a different perspective. Try roaming around the area, look at a different angle. And you have finally decided that you have seen the best view, then go ahead and start.

  • Set up your gears.

After seeing the view you want to take photo of, you can now set up your gears and position your camera in the best angle of the view that you will take photo of. Make sure that your tripod is well positioned and your camera has full battery so that nothing could go wrong. Look through the lens and go ahead, do your thing.

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