Bakery ovens

Baking oven is home or commercial used for baking food. The baking oven also known as “physical oven”. It is an oven working the physical principal of elevating hot material upwards. Unlike turbo ovens where there is a fan distributing the heat inside the oven, such oven is call static oven among the bakers. The main difference is that in static oven the heat is not distributed .If your have a bakery or a restaurant, you may need to purchase one.

Commercial bakery ovens

The heating bodies are located at the top and bottom parts of the oven. Each one of the bodies is being controlled by different selector switch. The oven is buit from several cells and isn’t depend on the units above and below.

At the space of every unit inside the oven there is only one surface for placing the pastries. Inside the oven there is a thermostat, that controls the heat at the space inside the oven following set adjustment .

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