Avoiding Scams When Finding Blocked Sewer Drain Solutions

Unfortunately, when you have a blocked sewer drain, it is very hard to keep the thought process on the right track. While being distraught is perfectly normal, keep in mind that this is no excuse for falling prey to one of various scams that certain unscrupulous plumbers use to drive up the bill. In fact, many of them even offer services that are not really necessary and even offer to clean the drain in order to prevent these types of situations.

While a blocked sewer drain can be caused by a residual waste building up in your pipes, this can be managed relatively easily and most importantly at a very low cost. All it takes is to flush the drain properly at least once a month, using your sink or a bathtub and toilet – just fill them up, flush it down and no more blocked sewer drain for you. As if. The fact is, this will only keep the path clear; if you try to fix an existing blockage in this manner you will only make things worse.

But if these problems do not exist, here are some telltale signs that the plumber is trying to scam you.

For one, some unscrupulous plumbers would offer “preventive” services, especially to the elderly. Some companies actually train their employees to focus on this vulnerable group and spot the more gullible among them. If they mistake you for someone naive, they will try to convince you that you are experiencing problems. There have been instances of them planting false evidence or even causing blocked sewer drains with rocks, although these instances are extremely rare.

Also, they will offer to lower a camera down the pipes to check for damages, for free of course. However, you would be surprised how often they find a “destroyed” pipe that needs to be replaced. Urgently, too. What people rarely realize on time is that sometimes the “live” video feed they are looking at is actually a recording, and the camera does not really work. By the time they realize what had transpired, the “work” is already done and needs to be paid.

How do you know the camera is really working? For all you know, it could be your pipes on that video. Well, they could test their camera and record something in front of you to make sure what you see on the feed really comes from the camera. The thing is, even if they planned to play the video, it will be harder to plug it in after showing you the actual, live footage. This way at least what you see on that video will come from within your pipes, for better or worse.

With blocked sewer drains Brisbane you are assured they provide reliable service.