All about the Fast Charge Technology for Forklifts 

Fast charge technology is a radical technology which allows modern fork lift owners to charge their forklift batteries at 75% higher speed than what is normally offered by traditional charging processes.

For example it normally takes 8 hours to fully charge a forklift battery by normal methods. However by fast charge technique two hours is all that it takes for a fully charged functional battery. This means the forklift battery can be charged fully in a short coffee break thus increasing the chances of forklift.

The multiple advantages of fast charging

Generally forklifts are used in industrial projects and have to be operated in multiple shifts almost all days of the week. This means that there has to be 1 or 2 replacement batteries per machine to ensure uninterrupted functioning in its demanding schedule.

It’s very difficult to accommodate a break of 8 hours to allow a normal lead battery to be charged for eight hours. However with fast charging one battery is all you need as the forklift operator can recharge the battery in his lunch break.

This translates into reduced costs (no need for extra battery) and reduced space required (no area for charging battery frequently). There is no need for hiring a dedicated source simply for maintaining and charging the batteries.  

You also save on maintenance resources that were previously consumed in cleaning and watering lead batteries.

Electric Forklifts

It doesn’t take that many foot or arm or hand movements to operate an electric forklift. This type of forklift is easy to manoeuvre. This improves work productivity of the operator. Unlike propane forklifts, the major components in electric forklifts have a longer life.