All About Divorce Mediation

You must have witnessed court proceedings where couples hurl accusations at each other and wash dirty linen in full view of the public. Just picture yourself closeted in the witness box and imagine what the end result would be. Surely sorting things out in the cool confines of your home, far away from the hawk eye gazes of the jury, not to speak of the assembled public, would be a preferable option.

Divorce Mediations

Who will have a child custody? How much time will the other parent spend with the children and when. What support, financial or otherwise, will be provided by the other parent? These are some of the issues that can be settled out of court with the help of a mediator.

Spousal and Child Support – Alimony

The financial status of both spouses is examined and an amount is agreed upon to be paid as alimony by the husband to support the wife and any children who are in her custody.

Future Support

What happens if the wife retires from her job? What happens if she remarries? Will the alimony continue or not? Should there be regular increase in the amount of alimony paid and if so by what amount? If these issues are settled in advance with the help of an attorney, it saves time spent in court both immediately and in future when the wife would file for revision of alimony amount.

Legal experts advocate mediation to avoid the long drawn procedures of litigation. It decreases their work load and leaves them free to work on other cases which require their attention. SeeĀ family provision firms.

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