Advantages of Having a Commercial Dishwasher in Your Restaurant

Commercial dish washers are available in a variety of sizes. Depending on the size of your restaurant, you can choose the type and size that suits you best. Under counter dishwashers can wash one rack of dishes at a time. these are better suited for small kitchens where the load is less. In bigger restaurant kitchens where the customer traffic is heavy, you may require door type dishwashers which can wash up to 8 dish racks at a time.

Cost Efficient

Although a commercial dishwashers are a big investment, it will prove less expensive in the long run as you save on the salary and benefits you would have to pay someone whom you would hire just to wash dishes. Also once the dishwasher is loaded, there is no risk of breakage. Hence you save on the amount you would otherwise write off as a loss.

It is no surprise that restaurants, hotels and all big establishments prefer commercial dishwashers. The speed, efficiency, safety and low cost of using commercial dishwashers make them not only a requirement but a necessity of every restaurant and eatery.

There are some pros and cons in both types of commercial dishwashers. You have to understand your specific dishwashing needs according to which you would decide which type you should go for.

Catering Equipment Rentals

By spending half of what you would on rentals as opposed to blocking the money when you buy catering equipments you will encourage a healthier cash flow for the business. For every service oriented business, cash flow plays and integral role.

Restaurants, shopping boutiques, entertainment and theme parks are merely some of the things to await for when you are on a holiday.

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