A Guide to Internal Combustion Forklifts

If you are considering buying a forklift you have probably set your mind on an electric one as they are the most popular ones these days. However it could prove more advantageous to buy an IC forklift if you are looking for durability, want to lift loads heavier than 6.5 tonnes, and want a machine which can be used outdoors for long periods of time.


Internal Combustion forklifts are more tolerant of abuse, particularly pushing and towing. They are also not affected by bad weather like heavy rains. Hence they are more durable as compared to electric ones which suffer more wear and tear due to rough usage. IC forklifts also move at a higher speed than electric ones.

Capacity and Usage

Internal combustion forklifts can lift heavier loads than electric ones. These are the ideal choice for capacity of 15000 lbs or higher. IC forklifts are easy to fuel as they can be refuelled at any fuel pump. They are also cheaper than electric machines. However, you do have the added cost of fuel.

IC trucks are generally used in warehouses. They may be used indoors or outdoors in any application, because they have a larger capacity range. They can handle both single pallet and huge 40 foot container loads.

Spare parts will be easily available and technicians will be immediately deputed to your site in case of a breakdown. A new forklift will be able to perform all types of complex operations than a rented one. You’re more likely to get a mortgage for buying a forklift rather than for hiring one.

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