A Guide to Creative Glass Kitchen Splashbacks

Are you tired of scrubbing and scouring your kitchen tiles? Do you wish you could just wipe away all those spills and splashes? Well, glass kitchen splashbacks can help solve this problem. Kitchen Splashbacks are a good alternative to ceramic tiles to layer the walls around kitchen counters or sinks. This is because they are easy to clean and maintain. They also make your kitchen look smart and sophisticated.

Kitchen walls behind the sink and stove are usually prone to accumulation of dirt and grime. They need to be lined with a water resistant material so that they can remain clean and hygienic. In recent times, glass tiles or glass cladding are being used as splashbacks. They come in different colours and styles to help you design them to suit the rest of your kitchen. You can mix and match the colours and use good lighting to bring out the brightness of the kitchen.

Creative ways of using glass

Have you ever felt that the kitchen tiles look dull and dreary after some years? Well, you can go in for the printed or frosted glass splashbacks . You needn’t fret that you cannot get those mild pastel colours anymore. Modern colour coating technology is used to create the colour you want.

Glass tiles can be made in different shapes and sizes and not just in the usual four inch by four inch size. You can use them in smaller or larger sizes to give a different effect to your splash back. They can be made to match the wood flooring or the marble counter top in colour and design.