A Guide to Commercial Ware Washing Equipment

Commercial warewashing supplies include a range of door-type ware-washers, undercounter dishwashers, glass, pan, and pot washers, dish tables, dishwashing racks, and other ware washing equipment and accessories. A commercial dishwasher is one of the most vital pieces of kitchen equipment that you’re going to need if you have a restaurant or catering business to run.

The usual styles of ware washers

There are many types of commercial ware washing apparatuses that are available for cleaning and washing a wide of cookware, cutleries, crockery, dinnerware or silverware. As far as dishwashers are concerned, you have undercounter dishwashers, grainy pot washers, utensil washers, rack conveyor dishwashing machines, flight dishwashers, upright dishwashers, hood dishwashers, and cutlery polishers. Then there is an array of glasswashers including but not limited to undercounter glasswashers, table top glasswashers, mini-rack glasswashers, and glass dryers and polishers.

But when it comes to technique, there are four broad styles of dishwashing supplies. You have door type, undercounter, rack conveyor or belt conveyor commercial ware washing units. The door type washer comes with a door that slides vertically and their washing potential is many times more than an undercounter unit but less than conveyor rack dishwashing equipment.

The undercounter type is the commercial prototype of the domestic dishwasher and usually comes with a dual rack for loading and a pull door. You can go for the undercounter type if you own a small eatery or restaurant where most of your cookware is washed manually.

Rack and belt conveyor dishwashers have very washing capacities are used extensively in hospitals, school and college canteens, hotels, and conferencing suites where a large amount of cookware needs to be washed or cleaned on a daily basis.